October 17, 2012

Even When You Don’t Want To

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Getting Back to Lovin’

Unconditional Love means not wanting to…and doing it anyway. It means not agreeing, but accepting. And this has nothing at all to do with being the bigger person, but everything to do with the un-wavering commitment you have to Loving anyway; and to showing that love even when it’s not convenient.

I experience this so often, most recently this evening, I am more than sure we all have. That nagging, compelling, persuasive, screaming voice in your mind that projects to the pit of your stomach telling you to just throw your hands up and walk away. To simply stop holding back the words that you know will hurt for no other reason but to get them out of your head and let them loose into the atmosphere around you. To pick up of every contribution that you make to this relationship in that moment and leave. It would just be so much easier.

The truth is, that without your submission to Love you WOULD remove your gifts to the moment; thus sending a negative ripple of energy outward into the universe instead of the positivity that Love provokes. Love is what will keep you engaged, present and giving your best. And where would the world be without your best? What would life be like without your loving actions?

There are too many people in this world that just throw in the towel when things get hard. When comfort leaves the they room are quick to walk out close behind it. It reminds me of the Hermit Crab who sheds his old shell to find one that accommodates his new growth. But the difference is that it doesn’t leave its colony, it simply takes on a new form. I hope in this moment to be like the Hermit Crab, shedding  my old shell (behaviors) when things get tight (uncomfortable)and relocating to one with more room for Love to live.  The results of the alternative are far too great, much too negative and I take personal responsibility for keeping my community uplifted in positive energy.

If  you do decide to remove yourself and all that you have brought to the world of another human being, you potentially become like a black hole in their universe; a void needing to be filled. As a matter of fact you may have filled a void left by another upon entering that life. The bottom line is that as we build relationships from a foundation of Love and Respect we must not aim for perfection, the fulfillment of our expectations, or any change at all. We must simply be open to these things: Be true to yourself and accept your relationship partners as they are; prepare for that relationship to place you in uncomfortable situations where your internal, metaphorical shell will become overwhelming tight forcing you to search for a broader perspective, and love your mistakes and those of others nearly or more than your triumphs for they are like tiny lamps along the Right Path.

In closing, as you continue to Love first and without condition see to it that your actions are at all times a reflection of this foundation. And I challenge you to remove the yoke of romantic  or relative conditions from love and give it freely as if it were water from a stream traveling from a boundless ocean…there’s plenty more where that came from;). Love your neighbors, and our children, love the bear and the bush, love it all and you will grow to a place where no shell could ever hold you. And in that place there is Love and there is Peace. Until next time….

Love Often…Love Always…Love Mia K


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